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HISTORY: Cotinus was popular in Victorian gardens.


FARM FRESH: Sun Valley Cotinus is grown in an inland mountain canyon at 640 feet elevation. The micro-climate, with cooler winters, early spring, hot, sunny summers and extended fall, provides Sun Valley a prime location to specialize in specialty branches with great stem length, large, healthy foliage and ultimately, better lasting quality.

LENGTH: Branches of tall, sturdy stems. Available as 5 stem

Consumer Bunches. Specialty cuts available to a maximum of 6’


DISPLAY: Excellent for exotic effects in floral ar­rangements. Intense color is Cotinus’ outstanding feature, forming a dramatic dark backdrop for brightly colored flowers and bright foliage. Use Cotinus for a vintage, fall inspired bouquet.


LASTING: Cotinus has a great vase life of about 10 days.


SMOKE TREE: Cotinus gets its common name “Smoke Tree” from its loose branch­ing clusters of flowers that appear like puffs of smoke around the plant.


CARE & HANDLING: Upon arrival cut stems and place into a clean container with fresh, tepid water with fresh flower food solution. Replenish water as needed.

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